Streat Helsinki WORKSHOPS gathered 800 participants

kuva3a_eetuahanenHeld at the Abattoir during 16–20 March, Streat Helsinki WORKSHOPS examined street food through discussions and hands-on co-creation. The eleven free-of-charge workshops dug into the field from many angles, including street food bikes, insects as food, future prospects of international street food giants, and collaborative visions of Finnish entrepreneurs. Some 800 participants took part in the workshops.

Streat Helsinki WORKSHOPS created a collaborative base for Finnish street food entrepreneurs. As a result of the meet-up, entrepreneurs decided to form an association for discussing common topics, running events and communicating vending possibilities. Another association was formed for street food bike entrepreneurs and those aspiring to entry in the field. 

“Our international guests were impressed by Helsinki’s street food scene as well as the spirit and scope of the event. Inspiring examples were traded between corresponding cities and events. Our Finnish entrepreneurs were very interested in, for example, year-round street food courts, a winter hibernation spot for food trucks, a start up centre for street food businesses, as well as shared kitchens. One of the most eye-opening workshops was the evening on insects as the future of street food”, Streat Helsinki producer Nina Ruotsalainen explains.