Streat Helsinki EATS served a whopping 50 000 plus portions

Streat Helsinki 2015The demand and interest around street food became tangible in the Tori Quarters at the festival held 21–22 March. In spite of the chilly weather, the two-day event attracted 30 000 visitors and the 66 participating vendors sold a total of more than 50 000 portions.

“The feeling at Streat Helsinki EATS was, once again, magnificent. Citizens of all ages and from families to singles greeted the dedicated and happy entrepreneurs with a smile. Expanding to two festival days, a larger venue, and almost a doubled amount of vendors were all keys to success: there were queues, but lining up wasn’t seen as nerve-wracking”, Streat Helsinki EATS producer Anna Pakarinen sums up. 

“To us street food entrepreneurs, Streat Helsinki has become the main event of the year. It offers an amazing opportunity to come together, and pinpoints exactly what is so essential about street food culture: very different entrepreneurs facing each other with support, sharing experiences, and a healthy competitive drive. This all adds up to fine-tuning your own business. It reflects back to everyone, both in food quality and a good ambiance at events, and it gets people on the move, even in less pleasant weather. Streat Helsinki is a good jump start for the upcoming season”, says entrepreneur Jyrki Karumo of Tortilla House.