Streat Helsinki Grills

GRILLS: A taste of the outdoors
On Sunday 20 March we march back to the origins of street food and open-fire cooking. Streat Helsinki GRILLS docks at Uunisaari island and the campfire of Café Regatta for a full afternoon, 12-4pm. The Uunisaari grill is hosted by Ossi Paloneva and Teemu Laurell, and the Café Regatta location in Töölö by the Swedish Martin Sjöstrand together with the local 123 Tea. The top chef challenge is to figure out recipes and preparation methods for a large crowd around an open fire.
The Uunisaari campfire will introduce and sell new types of outdoor delicacies, such as potato-buckwheat naan breads filled with a roach kofta and spicy spring lamb, charred cabbage, and an aromatic spring lamb broth. To add to the ambiance, the Uunisaari sauna is heated, and can be visited for a small fee at 11am-4pm – with a chance to take a dip in the icy sea.
Meanwhile in Töölö, the Cafe Regatta outdoor fire hosted by Martin Sjöstrand is letting out scents of fermented Baltic herring on a bed of salad and herbs, as well as grilled yellow beets. To wash it down, the 123 Tea team will prepare a brew of Finnish wild herbs and berries, as well as the traditional milky Indian streetside staple Chai.
GRILLS praises the urban outdoor traditions of Helsinki Sundays. The event day also contemplates what kinds of outdoor dishes can best be prepared at barbecue and picnic spots run by the City, and how the City could facilitate the experience of outdoor eating. GRILLS is jointly produced with the City of Helsinki’s Sports Department – the city office maintaining and developing local picnic and barbecue spots together with the Public Works Department in outdoor recreational areas and Helsinki islands.


City of Helsinki Food Culture Strategist
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