EATS: Local specialities and mouth-watering novelties 

On Saturday 19 March, the Tori Quarters and the Havis Amanda statue play host to the Streat Helsinki EATS event with over 30 returning and first-timer street food entrepreneurs showcasing fine-tuned and novel dishes in a collection of menus like never before.

– Even the more established food vendors have joined with completely new dishes and concepts. Coming up is possbily the most interesting collection of menus in the history of Streat Helsinki, rejoices Anna Pakarinen, Executive Producer at Tori Quarters and EATS.

Some recurring themes amongst the carefully curated group of vendors include local ingredients and ecologically-driven concepts. The wild herb-laced pea falafel by Oma Maa is nearby food at its finest – as in many other menus, these ingredients hail directly from the fields of Tuusula in the metropolitan area. The Helsinki-based Maannos will bring a dish to the EATS crowds that will later be found at the Vallisaari café. The Maannos waffles come with a topping of smoked fish, mushrooms and fava beans, or white chocolate and liquorice for the sweet tooth.

– We are inspired by locality. In addition, the ingredients are closely tied to seasons, tells Elmo Luoma-aho from Maannos.

Some less frequently seen dishes in Finland are served by, for instance, Fat Ramen with their Japanese okonomiyaki omelette pancakes served with a delicious cricket filling, and the spicy skewer-grilled eggs by Bangkok Street. Roti Street Food from Turku will make a pitstop on their food Vespa to whip up some roti crêpes, wrapped around a filling of pulled pork, pepperoni or pesto – or Nutella, fudge or marshmallow rotis as the sweet options.

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