EATS: Flavours from Asia and Latin America

The Sichuan kitchen is on a roll. Street Gastro is doing their part to praise Sichuan flavours with a menu that features, for example, the dragon tea egg speciality, as well as fried eggplant and seitan, and double-boiled pork. Another kitchen leaning on Asian street food fare is Fabrik from Tallinn. Their menu includes buns filled with pork belly and wakame seaweed, carrot steak with citrusy yuzu fruit, and wonton soup.

Latin American kitchens are another inspiration at this year’s festival. A double helping is arriving from Stockholm, as both Jeffrey’s and The Good Gringo will serve Latin street food. In the case of The Good Gringo, the flavours are served as a trendy ‘bowl’. Helsinki’s own Cuban Street Kitchen is preparing some Cuban delicacies, such as cubano sandwiches with meat smoked over a full week.

Check out the menus.